Vitamins and mineral supplement western Canada sources

Cheryl Oickle

At present I am using Dr. Reeds formula 2 pelleted supplement one half cup daily . I know that it is not the best for IR Cushings horses.  I am challenged with mineral balancing until I have this years new hay supply from one source.  Recently someone recommended the Otter Coop MV Balancer Lite vitamin mineral supplement at the recommended amounts of 0.2% of body weight per day.  Could someone with expertise take a look at this and see if this would be a better supplement..?To me it appears it does! The recommended salt daily intake and the vitamin e are becoming a problem to get into Jewel even using beet pulp as a medium and this may support her needs a bit better.   She loves her flax and Dr Reeds together...that’s about it.  As per my previous posts her easy keeper status has now flipped to hard keeper and I have increased her hay intake.  I will update CH as promised by the weekend
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018

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