Soaking hay and calorie reduction math

Maria Duran

Hi all!

For and average hay at 1.8 Mcal/kg and 7% ESC, 

The hay is providing 70 g of sugars per kg, so 700 g daily for a 500 kg horse eating hay at 2% BW. If soaking the hay for 1 hour in cold water reduces sugars at about a 30% "average", this would mean 210 g of sugars less in the total daily intake.

If 1g sugar= 4 calories, then 210x4= 840 calories less daily from soaking the hay. and 4,6 % reduction in the total calories coming from hay. 

Is this right?

Regarding only calories seems like this equals to feeding the horse a bit less than 0.5 kg of hay, but what I can see (only in one horse) is that the horse loses weight much more easily, so I guess controling insulin spikes regulates lipogenic action of insulin. Could this be true?

María Durán Navarro
Dec 2017
Madrid (Spain) 

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