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Hi Tracey,


Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I’m available to give you an Aussie perspective on how the ECIR/DDTE works, if you need it.  I see that Lavinia has addressed your initial questions, and seeing as she is the hoof go to person, you’re in good hands.
Diet is an integral part of a horses health & with due respect – your farrier is perhaps not as up to date on the latest management practices regarding these issues. This is possibly a situation that can be managed/improved by approaching things a different way.  Creating a case history will give us all the ins & outs on how to advise you specifically to your horses needs. Just give me a hoy if you need a hand with it.

The other thing that will help is that if you can give us a better idea of which state you are located in, as that may help decide which lab is better to deal with regarding the blood testing.  Even if it turns out that he doesn’t have a metabolic issue ( and given his age and breed that would an interesting result) you can certainly learn a lot  form here on how to change/better his diet to achieve a better outcome for his hoof issues.



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