Non fasting insulin has risen

Cheryl Oickle

Blood work done on Mar 25. Jewel progressing well but a bit disturbed about her non fasting insulin rise to 36.4uIu/ml. Normal lab values4.5 to 20.0 Previous result per case history was fasting.  The only change was I have trialed feeding twice daily instead of three times daily.  We have just commenced riding post vet assessment and all other feed supplements and stay steady as per last case history update.    Suggestions? I will be changing her dr. Reeds formula 2 to mad barn supplement as recommended previously.  Could not do a sugar as vet unable to spin spec immediately
of a good note, her acth was 4.1pmol/L ..on 1 mg of pergolide ...ranges per lab 2.0 to 10.0 pmol/L  Her baseline was 11.0 but the specimen was thawed upon arrival last year.

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018

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