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I would really like some help with managing my horse’s hooves and condition. I also would like to get my hay analysis mineral balanced. I have been winging it and adding minerals myself based on a previous one done for a friend on the same hay 3 years ago.
A quick summary, I can’t figure out how to do a file for my horse on your website. I get confused on how to post it and where. I am a registered member since 2016.

He is an 11 yr old Rocky gelding. He foundered in Dec. 2015 3 years ago. It was diagnosed with x-rays at moderate with rotation in both fronts at 6 + 8 degrees. The LF was the worst. There were many abscesses but I followed your protocols using boots, trims, x-rays, diet, advice, throughout his rehab and was able to return him to soundness and back to light riding in less than a year. We rode lots the following 2 years with no issues. In Dec. 2018 he presented lame in LF specifically but also the RF. I had vets, farrier, etc. and they said it was inconclusive. We hoped it was an abscess so I poulticed both feet for several weeks to no avail. I continued to follow ECIR emergency protocol throughout as if he were in a laminitic event. I called in the big gun and had x-rays done to get answers. My worst fears were now confirmed, he had foundered and had rotation in both front hooves again. The LF being the worst at 6-7 and the RF at 4 degrees. I asked how this could have happened as I have taken all precautions to prevent it. I built a pea gravel track system, paddock, dry lot, no grain, no treats, no GRASS, low sugar hay, flax, salt, vitamins, minerals, slow feeders 4x’s daily with 16 lbs. low sugar imported analyzed hay -10% and supplemented with Ontario Dehy timothy balance cubes to put the flax etc. in.. I had a blood panel done on him last summer for minerals. He had higher selenium & iron levels. We had put a filter on his water and I tested it and there was NO high iron. ?? I was told to cut out the selenium for now & put him on a Balancer which I did but still continued with the salt, flax, magnesium, biotin, probiotic, vitamin E, & cubes. I asked about him being pre-Cushings and 2 vets said there was no way as he was too young and did not have the characteristics. He sheds out no problem. I had him tested for I.R. And it came back negative. They felt the first episode was due to a carb overload as he had gained weight over winter was eating frozen grasses along fenceline, unweighed haybags, less exercise and taped at 1230 lbs. I believed that was the reason and removed everything that could have contributed. This time he taped at 1080 lbs, has had no grass, etc., is on a strict diet, regular trims, and still following the ECIR protocols for IR. He is insatiable and if I reduce his forage to less than 16 lb. he will eat his manure, shavings, fenceposts etc. I don’t want him to colic. I’m really sad that it happened again. I don’t want it to repeat again next winter. I need some advice and help to keep him sound. He is galloping around with Soft Ride, & now Cloud boots on and is happy & sound. His hooves are being kept trimmed on a 3-4 week cycle and there is 3” of new growth. His buddy is beside him on his track. I’m doing all that I know how to do. I also would like to make sure I’m balancing his minerals correctly to his hay.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Sincerely yours, Lindy & Kona

Lindy Berkowitz
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Vancouver Island, BC

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