Re: 2nd Winter Founder

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lindy,

Are you seeing the responses you have received to your previous posts/questions?

You are doing a lot of the right things, which is great, but in order to help you, we need to have more of the specifics about your boy, plus photos and copies of the radiographs that have been done.

Did you see Maggie's response to your last post, and her offer to help you get everything uploaded:

For now, can you please just post the test results you have for the IR testing that was done as just because the numbers come back within the lab's reference ranges doesn't mean your Rocky isn't IR. "Carb overload" of the type you described would not make a NON-IR horse laminitic/founder.

Unless the blood work that was done last summer was sent to KSU for the complete Equine iron panel, you don't know whether your boy has iron overload or not. Serum iron doesn't give you that answer. Selenium results should be accurate.

What balancer did you put him on?

Hang in there, we'll help you get this sorted out.

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