Re: 2nd Winter Founder

Kath Chase

-- Hi Lavinia,  received this email in my inbox this morning somehow your message to Lindy has been linked to Mickys thread . Not sure what happened there. 

I also am  still  patiently waiting on reply to my email  requesting a private consult  mark ups to pics for Micky   and your payment details  my email was sent to you 11 April 2019.

understand that you are incredibly busy,  even if Dr Kellon  or Nancy could color in a bit on LF  sole pic  in album  dated 2019 -04-10 to show what needs to be taken off    For now And I will get Farrier back immediately to do it .

Nancy said overlaid bars Bruising    Her message no. Is 234307. Couldn’t get good pics all 4 yesterday as my partner couldn’t help will try and get really good ones today .  Also Dr Kellon has suggested I try metaformin  but to get insulin and glucose checked first do will get that test done as soon as I get paid. 

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