Re: Hay questions - Soaking and fermentation in the hot/humid summer

Diana RL

No worries.  Thanks for the quick response.  

I am sorry and realize I was not clear.  I soak for 20-30 mins, then let it drain/dry overnight.  I don't leave it in the water the whole time.  I will read through the info.  Thanks!

Also, here are the results of my hay analysis.  Which numbers should I be looking at and what are the ranges safe for an IR horse?

Sample 1 as sampled:
WSC: 2.3
ESC: .5
Starch:  .5
NFC: 8.9

Sample 2 as sampled:
WSC: 6.6
ESC: 5.4
Starch: .7
NFC: 16.3

Thanks again!

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I am so sorry, I did a little more digging and realized this is NOT your first post! Please find some of your questions answered at the top of my previous message.

My apologies and still A WARM WELCOME!

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