Re: Hay questions - Soaking and fermentation in the hot/humid summer

Paula Hancock

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 04:47 AM, Diana RL wrote:
Also, here are the results of my hay analysis. 
Hi Diana,
ECIR recommends that ESC + starch equal less than 10%, although some horses need below 8% especially in crisis, and some horses need even lower.  Would you check the numbers for sample 1?  I have never seen ESC less than 5% and that one says 0.5%.
As for hay fermenting, yes it will.  I soak my hay for an hour in cold water in a 15 gallon tub, tip it to dump and let it drain for an hour or whatever time I have, and then shuffle through it to aerate it to prevent fermentation. I will shuffle the hay again at the next feeding and find it really helps avoid fermentation.  If you soak the hay in bags, it may be harder to shuffle, but you can see what you can do.  I found that heat was the main problem.  The high humidity didn't really make a difference.
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