Re: Hay questions - Soaking and fermentation in the hot/humid summer

Maria Duran

Hi Diana, 

Those numbers mean Sample 2 is the original hay and Sample 1 is the same hay soaked?

If this is right, do anyone know if beta glucans and pectin in NFC fraction can be diluted in water as well?

I also believe your hay might be fermenting. Soaking in hay nets is much more easy but I have found that need to take care of things like not putting too much hay on them because then the water doesn't reach the center of the hay and hay doesn't get as easily soaked and rinsed as when it is loose in the water. Also it will not get dried in the core as easily, running the risk of fermentation  in hot weather and another thing to take into account is that if holes of the hay nets are small it gets difficult for the horse to get the hay because stems and leaves don't slip over each other the same way they do when it is dry. It becames difficult to eat for some horses.

If those are your results after and before soaking, seems like you are doing a great job at reducing sugars.

María Durán Navarro 
Dec 2017
Madrid (Spain)

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