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I am posting this on behalf of Nancy & Akria-( Pauline- ECIR mod/pr)

I am a bit overwhelmed right now honestly as I thought I was doing the right thing. I moved to a very rural remote area and even getting a vet to listen to test her at age 4 when she showed all the signs was a struggle. That is how I encountered Dr. Reilly. My vet wanted to wait til she was older to test her. So far I have prevented founder and major far as the Thyro I am terrified..after her initial 24 mg dose she never lost weight so it was doubled Oct 2017. She has been on it ever since. My current vet who does the testing has never addressed it. I just had labs pulled yesterday and I am waiting for the test results. the meantime do I start weaning her? And the literature says to wean slowly...but what does that actually amount to and over how much time? Also do I need to retest during the time I am weaning off? 

I was about to start her on 15 min of muzzled hand grazing on Monday....I have had her successfully on pasture April through October in a muzzle with turnout now I am a bit terrified....The one horse I had several years ago that developed EMS was on a dry lot after her first bout of laminitis when she foundered a 2nd time and had to be euthanized. She was also muzzled when she develope it the first time although it was during a drought and I hadn't know about EMS and drought stress at that is how I saw Akira's train wreck coming down the tracks.

I have already switiched her off of Essential K to Beet Pulp and added a supplement by HorseTech High Point Grass along with her ground flaxseed. 

Any guidance on weaning of the thryoid meds is much appreciated. And advice on the next step of testing to make sure her thyroid is functioning. All her labs have been drawn 2 hrs post breakfast as that is what was advised by the vet in question to make sure the thyroid meds were working. I am now on full blown stress worried to death for her.



Nancy Ciraldo


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