sore hindquarters/ belly lifts

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Hi, if your horse is sore and you think it might be because of standing
"weird" to alleviate foot pain you might want to consider a
chiropractor. I know that my mare was just adjusted because I knew that
after dealing with her front leg being sore that she would be out all
over. She was, badly so in the rear, from standing back to get the
weight off the front. Once the skeleton is aligned then the muscles
relax and start to heal. Good Luck.
Question- We are supposed to make her do "horsey sit-ups" (belly lifts)
everyday to strengthen the back muscles and alleviate the sag. She is so
swayed that it is putting pressure on the rib tops and causing problems.
The vet seems to be able to get her to do them right away. It doesn't
matter how I do it or what I try she refuses to lift for me! She turns
around and gives me "the mare look"!! Does anyone have any hints for me
to try so that I can get her to do her exercises?

Chris in CA

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