Radiographs andno changes in the sinking

Cheryl Oickle

Hi everyone
Jewel is progressing well and appears very sound.  I am riding in good boots and have increased activity to walk trot, and introduce Hill work now.  Time and distance has increased and I try to have a recovery day one between each ride if it’s challenged her a bit.  Not a lot of canter work yet.
I am just reviewing all her data and although rotation has resolved almost completely, trims and feet assessed frequently and toes shortened and heels lowered , I am disappointed that the sinking aspect has not improved. The aggressive intervention however for the corrective trim did not start to occur until November when I enlisted the new trimmer,...X-rays were done in  March.  Hence 5 corrective trims. What time frame am I looking at to see physiological radiographic improvement of the sinking? If ever? An is radiographs in 1 year-now, Mar 2020 reasonable?
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018

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