Jewel intermittently cresty again

Cheryl Oickle

I am at a loss.  Jewels dry lotted no grass sand only at present x1 week now. Last week her dry paddock woke up and grass reseeded..and the result of nibbling evident. Crest became thicker and harder. This settled after complete dry lot established within three days. Clinically shes sound and exercised plus plus..weight stable and diet per history. 
-- Blood work result as of Mar 25 acth 4.5 but insulin up to 33 so slightly above normal...she had been trailered and was wound up prior to blood draw. Will update as soon as im on my home computer.  What else may cause the firmness and increase in her crest. Suggestions appreciated and what else can i do ? Or is it cause to worry
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018

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