Question about testing hay and high insulin


My hay guy has brought me around 30 bales of hay.  Can't get anymore until this dang rain stops.   Ugh. I'm sure a lot of you are dealing with this.  Anyway, should I test the 30 and then retest after he can bale some more?  It will come from the same hay field, but I wonder with the delay in cutting and more rain, will it change the s/s?  

I've had to spend $$ on bloodwork and other things for my guy so I'd prefer to only test once.  Trying to figure out the best way.  It's the same hay field and hay guy that I use most of the time and his hay always has tested fine. 

Over the winter I had to buy unknown hay and I think I made a big mistake. His blood work shows insulin at 182 where it was 56 in the fall.  Luckily no seen issues yet.  Except the bloodwork and his energy level is low.  We have been getting more excercise daily.  Should I soak, test or?  His ACTH is 16.7 so we are ok there.  

Also, vet wants to put him on metformin for a bit to try and help lower his insulin.   Thoughts on that?  He hates any powder and currently is refusing his grain.   I've read here about using a syringe  and then flushing with water.  I may have to try that.  

Any advice is appreciated.   I'm so mad at myself for not testing or soaking the hay I had to buy and spend $8 on as I had no other options for hay, but I should have spent the time and money testing or at least soaking.    I felt like we had this thing almost figured out and I let my guard down and now I'm hoping and praying that I can fix this before we have any episodes.   He's never been lame, knock on wood, we can get this under control.  

Any other suggestions on how we can get his numbers back under control?
I will update my CH tomorrow when I get to a computer,  however  it is up to date except the new hay and supplements that would match the new hay.  I am currently feeding the supplements per his CH and 1.5 mg prasend. I think that's what my CH shows as I upped it back in the winter. 

- Amy 10-2016

Mooresville, Indiana 

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