Alfalfa for IR/Cushing mare

Helen Temps

my mare needs to put weight on.  Last week what with ovarian cyst, new yearling arrival, and being in heat, she was a mess and wouldn’t eat much.  She was looking good, but lost 35# in that cycle along with top line loss.  It was such a radical change.  I have doubled her pellets, she has been getting pretty much unlimited grass hay (tested) for the last 6 months and I am going to try adding a little alfalfa.  How long will it take to see if she has a problem with alfalfa in her diet?  She hasn’t had any for about 11 years.  I am desperate to put weight on her and am riding her regularly about 20 miles a week on trails.  Her last ACTH in the fall was great. Do you think I should have her tested again with the loss of top line?  No other symptoms and normally she gets cranky when ACTH is to high.

Helen Temps and Chloe  June 2017
Placerville, CA

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