Multiple horses in herd developing laminitis - Thunder's case history


As my first post, I apologize if this is too detailed. I can edit as needed. Please just let me know.

I have completed one of my horse's case history (linked below) and will complete the other two with pics as soon as I can. 

Over the past few years, we have had an up and down rollercoaster of acute episodes of laminitis in 3 of our horses.

One (Thunder - case history below) seems to have some IR and is now showing signs of Cushings. His recent xrays showed severe rotation and sinking.
Another, Soozee, is genetically related to Thunder but didn't have any problems until she was diagnosed with a tick borne illness over five years ago.  She has struggled to remain sound ever since. She has fat deposits but is at a more normal weight. Her recent xrays showed even more rotation and sinking.
Frodo is a pony who was sound until 3 years ago when he was treated for Lyme disease (IV tetracycline). Since, he has had several acute episodes of laminitis. He has not had x-rays, is at a good weight, but does grow some extra hair starting in July and August.  He sheds normally in spring.

They all have significant periods of soundness.  The last bout of lameness followed deworming with Quest.

Of our five horses, 4 have suffered significant bouts of laminitis in the past 3 years. This winter, my mare (not listed here) had her first major episode.  She is now sound.

We are working to treat and manage each horse individually while looking for a potential root cause.

For the past three years, Thunder, Soozee, and Frodo have been on dry lot during the summer with access to round bales of hay in a slow feed net.  In the winter, they are in a larger area once the ground is covered with snow and get the same hay access. The newly-laminitic horse is now on dry lot as well.

I am awaiting results of a hay test.  I did see the emergency diet protocol and do not have the means to soak hay at the moment but am working to problem solve that if need be. Any and all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance!

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Thunder Case History

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