Advise please! How fast to increase pergolide!

Angelika Busi

Qiqi’s pergolide dosage was raised repeatedly this year to get her to a safer ACTH level. I have always waited for at least 3 weeks to watch for symptom changes before retesting and raising it again 1 mg. I re-tested last week and the result came back with an ACTH of 125, despite another raise of pergolide to 11 mg. She is now on 12 mg.

Luckily, my 32-year old mare, which was diagnosed with Cushing’s 15 years ago, never had laminitis and looks and indicates that she feels well, but I am desperate to get a better control before the fall rise – or can she already be in the midst of it?

My vet has never prescribed more than 4 mg pergolide for a PPID horse before, but agreed to help me on the basis of the experience from this group. I asked her to get in touch with Dr. Kellon for information about cabergoline and the treatment protocol. In the meantime, I have to rely on pergolide and my way of increasing the dosage is obviously not effective.

How long do I need to wait to see changes or to raise the dosage again? And how high should I raise the dosage each time? She is now on a high enough dosage that I give her right away 1 mg more – should and can I increase faster?

Angelika and Qiqi & Apollo

NE Illinois

September 15

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