Re: Introduction


Hi Kay Two Mules! (forgive the familiarity, but it sounds good,
doesn't it?)
- I live on the "upstate" side of Ithaca, near Canandaigue Lake, not
nearly such a pretty place as Corning, but it's a relatively short
trailer trip to the university, and that's what counts these days...
- You're right about misery loving company- and it's not just us!- I
notice my mare starting to show signs of endocrine changes....maybe
she's tired of the gelding stealing the show and she wants to join
the "Cushing's crowd".
- I have really enjoyed reading your mail at this site- you maintain
such a positive attitude! That's half the battle with this disease, I
sometimes think.


--- In EquineCushings@..., LNGERZ@a... wrote:
Hey, I live in Corning, and if you are near Cornell, you can't be
far from
here! Kay, who has two mules with Cushings Misery DOES love

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