Re: Are there records of horses suddenly developing the pergolide veil long after the increase?


Jaini,  Your experience with Merlin is helpful.  The vet did not give me the actual urea and creatinine numbers. She seemed to think she needed a clean catch of urine to really understand what is going on.  This vet hates putting horses down, so one should understand her bias.  She says things like, "maybe he has a tooth problem" and the kidneys are not what is really affecting his appetite so badly.  Or suggesting we try low dose banamine to see of assuaging a possible gastrointestinal problem might help.  (We gave him banamine initially thinking it might be a gastro problem.  It might have helped just a tiny bit, but not enough to even be sure it had any effect at all, and he has continued downhill.)   

This has been coming on for some time in the shape of picky eating behavior, but he is only now shedding weight rapidly.  We found a low protein complete food that he initially ate with some interest, but that only lasted a few minutes..

I had a friend in high school who developed kidney disease.  She was slightly nauseaus all the time, and was a very picky eater.  Brother reminds me of her.  What I see is a horse who is hungry, but his body tells him not to eat.  

Unfortunately, the vet is getting a colonoscopy tomorrow, and cannot come tomorrow.  I  am working on getting her to give me an appointment on  Friday.  Brother will be approaching skeletel by then.  If she will not come, I will have to find another vet.

Gail Russell 8/30/2008 .

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