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Cheryl Oickle

Thank you. Keeping a close watch on Jewel. Blood work Aug 26..but so far ok. Pergolide at 1mg

On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 2:11 PM Eleanor Kellon, VMD <drkellon@...> wrote:
I want to alert all members that within the past couple of weeks we have seen a definite uptick in cases of unexplained laminitis flares. The typical case is a horse in their teens, with a history of known or suspected EMS but no change in management to explain the current problem. The seasonal rise in ACTH doesn't peak until end September but we know from past experience it can begin as early as July. This can often be the first sign of early PPID. In many, but not all, cases you will find an ACTH elevation that exceeds the seasonal guidelines so by all means check if you horse is experiencing an unexplained laminitis flare.  TRH stimulation is a more sensitive indicator of early PPID than baseline ACTH but we don't have seasonal normals for this test so another option is to put the horse on pergolide temporarily then wean off late winter and test by TRH stimulation.
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