Arizona 7 year old laminitic mare due in March

Sarah Radachy

Good morning,
We are in the middle of monsoon right now (when it is suppose to rain) but it hasn’t so it has been hot 100+ and humid. Many cases of laminitis including my mare. My mare is quarter horse, due with a foal in March. I pulled her shoes in the winter as she isn’t being ridden as much as she is pregnant and so am I. We went on vacation and I turned her out in the dry lot. While on vacation for a week it got really hot and humid and I came back to a lame horse. Vet and I agreed it looks like laminitic symptoms with how she was trying to walk/not walk at all.  She is now in a soft stall, in soft rides was on bute for a few days.   I pulled grain (total equine) and soaking hay as a precaution. Our hay is such good quality our vet was worried that Bermuda may still be too high. Also putting ice around pasterns. After two days of that she is walking normal. 
How likely is it that she is really IR? And would it be hard to test since she is pregnant? I am looking into the total equine version for IR horses now and she is getting a basic mineral/vitamin supplement in the meantime. 

This mare is my barrel horse and plan to return to that after foal is born and weaned. 
Emailed this a few ways (sorry if a duplicate) 
Sarah Radachy

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