When to retest after starting prascend trial


FYI, CH has been updated, and I've uploaded this year's hay analysis.

Yankee was started on Prascend on 25 July, 1/2 pill.  He did so well on 1/2 that I left him on that level until he started peeing more again... so he didn't reach full prescribed dose (1 pill) until Aug 8th.  He was last tested in Feb, ACTH was 39.5. He hasn't been retested since.

So, my question is - when's the best time to have him retested to see if the Prascend is having an effect? The main thing I've noticed is that his drinking/peeing is mostly reduced, though it seems to be a day by day thing.  He hasn't really gained any energy back. He's never shown any lami symptoms so nothing to go on there.

Also, if someone could take a peek at my new hay analysis (Reed; I left last years - Tolman- there for comparison if needed, and because I still have about 1/2 ton left)), I'm a bit concerned with the NSC value, though the ESC +Starch should be within bounds. Please ignore the mold count, it's very scary but it is hay that was rained on as bales still in the field, so that's the mold on the outside, which I pull off. Inside seems fine, though I'm pulling every flake apart and shaking off dust, just to be sure. it is a terrible year for hay here, so this is the best i could do :(

June 2018
NW Wyoming

Yankee Case History: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Jodi%20and%20Yankee

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