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Kirsten Rasmussen

I totally sympathize Manon. I was in a similar situation, keeping my horse (IR, although I didn't really know it at the time) with a friend's horse who was a very thin warmblood that never overate.  Half the year at her place on pasture and half the year at my place on a dry winter paddock.  When Shaku foundered in the spring on my dry paddock and I realized I had to make some changes, my friend did not like them because they changed what was easy and worked for her and her a result I compromised for 2 years and that only prolonged Shaku's recovery.  Every change I needed to make (eg. separating them physically so I could weigh Shaku's hay led to comments like "I do so wish they could be together" and "but he's such a lovely round shape") came about by making ultimatums.  The biggest one was that I could not allow him to go to her place and be on free pasture took me 2 years to finally enforce this one 100% and I really wish I could have those 2 years back.  It was really hard, this was a good friend and we did nearly all our riding together, our horses were almost never separated.

The idea of dividing their living space with electric line(s) works really well and that is what I do with 2 or 3 electrobraid strings in my dry paddock (although I never needed to electrify it until a 3rd horse arrived who figured out how to go under the lines!), and you can easily make it something that can be taken down in seconds if you use posts concreted into old tires that aren't permanent, if say one of you needs to use the arena to ride, or you need to drive equipment through.  I also take down the divider line on nights when I know there's going to be fireworks at the neighbour's although we've never had a panicked horse.

If your situation is similar, don't let it drag on for long and don't compromise or take half measures because of someone else. Be firm, emphasize it's for his health and that's the best way to love him, and be prepared to move your horse if you don't get the management you need.

Kirsten Rasmussen
Kitimat, BC, Canada
January 2019

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