Re: When to retest after starting prascend trial

Sherry Morse


One of the reasons for recommending a higher dose is that she's 'chasing the rise' right now and where he may have been controlled if he'd started on 1mg earlier this year now that we're into the seasonal rise period his ACTH may be increasing faster than the 1mg can control.  Dawn already addressed the BI marketing campaign that 1mg fits all needs which we've found to not be the case with so many horses here.

It's definitely a bit of a balancing act and one of the options is getting him on 1mg and then retesting after 3 weeks and assessing his numbers then.  Depending on symptoms I might opt to do that but would continue with a bump up (assuming the vet is wiling) unless that lab result showed him solidly in the middle of the reference range.  If the results came back as he was controlled in the midst of the rise on 1mg that would be wonderful and he could stay there rather than continuing up to 2mg.  

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