Can I Mix These Uckele Products With Minerals In Bulk 30-Day Supplement Recipe?


My hay balancer schooled me last night on how to create a bulk 30-day supplement recipe for Relevante based on his latest hay balancing analysis. The minerals are monosodium phosphate, magnesium oxide, copper and zinc sulfate. I found out from Joan at MyBestHorse this morning that i can add Mov-Ease, Jiaogulan and ALCAR to the mineral mix without fear of the minerals affecting the efficacy of these products. I want to know if i can also add these Uckele amino acid products to the above mix without concern that they will lose efficacy or go "bad." : Taurine, L-Leucine and Tri-Amino. I then plan to throw the whole lot in the blender. 
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March 2018
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