Increasing CP

Karin Sherbin

Hi gurus,

My apologies, I cannot figure out how to provide my case history link on a different computer. Hoping not necessary for this question.

My horse Inky just got his ACTH results: 25.7 pg/mL. He is now on 6.5 mg of compounded pergolide. He tested last year this time at 24.1.  In 2017 he tested at 17.7' Over the rise this past winter his sheath swelled, and he had one abscess.  Is it reasonable to increase his pergolide this year, or wait and see if anything happens like the sheath swells or he gets another abscess? Those incidents may have been coincidental? 

Other info: he has moved and is now in a place that keeps him in a dry lot during the day and allows him out on a scrubby pasture overnight. His test results came back as compensated IR. He has become a finicky eater so we just started syringing the copper/zinc and trying to get him to eat the other vitamins/supplements in his food, which is soy hull pellets or beet pulp, with Sentinel low starch pellets mixed in enough to make him eat (not an approved feed but best can find around here). 

He has lost a lost of muscle/weight (100 pounds) as he figures out his place in the herd. He had been alone in a dry lot for 3 years and now the other horses keep him away from the hay in the dry lot a good amount. We are just trying to separate him from the herd at hay time to see if he can regain weight/muscle.

The good news: the barn manager is riding Inky one or two times a week, and so far no crow-hopping or bucking. Not doing a lot of work because he hasn't been worked in 3 years, but he does W/T/C. 

If you need the case history link to answer this question, I will have access to my work computer on Monday and can re-send the query with the link. 

Karin & Inky

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