Re: Seasonal Rise Question Based On New ACTH, Insulin And Leptin Blood Work

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If I'm reading your CH correctly Tula was showing as well controlled on .5mg and then you bumped her dosage up.  Were she mine I'd keep her on the .5mg (or .75mg if she's tolerating that) unless there's an indication (via bloodwork or visual cues) that she needed an increase.  

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Bumping. Following. 

I feel as though I am in a similar boat with my mare but substituting the extreme spookiness for dose intolerance/adverse reactions; musculoskeletal pain, colic, lethargy, mild ataxia and depression. I too had to reduce dose before seeing significant improvement in symptoms and all signs say she is currently feeling great. We have no clinical signs of PPID or IR with a trim being done tomorrow to get our toes tight. 

I was able to add back 0.25 of the 0.5 I reduced but I am scared to increase to the 1 mg @ which she showed problems. I was originally planning to test this week or next, but after dealing with the cost of colic and epm blood tests (trying to rule out other causes of neurological signs) I am also leaning toward testing at the end of September to see where her ACTH and Insulin would be at the height of the rise. I am not sure if this is your idea with September as well?

One of the biggest things for me in staying the current course is being able to work regularly whereas before we could not. I think this is better for her health in general but I am feeling nervous about standing pat because I feel as though I shouldn't be. :o|

Hope some of the pros can weigh in on your question. 


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