Blood work results and confused!

Cheryl Oickle

Jewel is doing fantastic! Riding over 100 miles a month her weight and demeanor amazing and the morgan crest soft and minimal.  Her diet has NOT changed per case history, although a new supply of tested hay she is now eating and will be retested, just in case.She remains dry lotted. I am struggling to update my case history so please bear with me. 
I just received blood work and although I am pleased with the ACTH but I am really surprised with her insulin levels rising. The BIG caveat here is that the lab values and lab has changed  and so have the measures of her previous insulin levels which was 36.4 uIU/ml range 4.5-20.0 at IDEXX LAB in March 2019
ACTH 8.2pmol/L  Aug to Oct  range 4.62-11.66pmol/L  Nov to July range 2.42-10.22 pmol/L   TRUE NORTH LAB
INSULIN 1422 pmol/L  range 28-330 pmol/L   TRUE NORTH LAB
I cannot measure her trends with the different labs and values, can someone help decipher this?
IF her hay test reconfirms low sugar which I anticipate it will as it is a reputable dealer <8 ESC +starch.
What else should I be doing? I'm very worried or should I be.?
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018

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