Re: Blood work results and confused!

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Cheryl,

Insulin: To convert the pmol/L results to uIU/mL: divide by 7.1. So 1422 pmol divded by 7.1 = 200.28uIU/mL

ACTH: To convert pmol/L to pg/ml: divide by .22. So 8.2pmol  divided by .22 = 37.27pg/ml

Because Jewel is a confirmed PPID horse, we have found that keeping the ACTH solidly within the low-to-middle of the range at all times works best over the long haul . As her ACTH is already above the normal range, and still climbing due to the seasonal rise influence, that indicates the pergolide dose needs to be adjusted upward to compensate. 

Insulin seems to have shot up considerably but doesn't seem to jive with Jewel's appearance. However, the previous insulins were done fasting, correct? That would give you falsely low results. Were these results also done fasting?

There are no glucose values listed in the case history - has Jewel's glucose ever been tested?

Would you please add your general location to your signature as that helps us to be more specific in answering your questions. Thanks for your help with this bit of administrative housekeeping.

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