Hay tests results and prascend question


Hi everyone! I got my hay test results back from 4 different potential sources and was wondering which would be the best to choose based on sugars and nutrition. They are all posted in my photo album. #2 called “greenfield” seems to be good and so does #3 called “Barry”. The greenfield one is courser and the Barry one is very fine. Was thinking that the courser one might be a better option for my mare for more chewing? She is a wizard with the 1” net and I fear she will be able to basically inhale the finer hay through the mesh. What do you guys think based on the results, and taking the courser/finer texture into consideration? Bella is IR and packs on weight extremely easily.

She seems to be ok on the prascend... I think her fat pads look at bit better and she has had more energy. Not quite as itchy. She also has become much more spooky. She can be like this anyway, but since being on prascend she has definitely been more reactive. Is this a thing with prascend? Should I just wait it out and see if she evens out, or should I maybe try lowering the dose by splitting the pills in half? She’s tricky to ride right now as her go to move is to spin when she spooks. 

I am waiting on her bloodwork still (vet is on vacation this wk). I will update her CH again when I receive the results, and at that time will try again to change it to PDF. :) 

November 10, 2018, Grandview PEI Canada

Bella case history:  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Kelly%20and%20Bella

Photo album: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/album?id=81257

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