Blessing: New numbers; we're losing ground

Helen Connor

New numbers from Cornell University show Blessing's ACTH at 49.4. Last August, it was 17.3. I'm having a lot of trouble getting her to consume the compounded pergo (2.75 mg). She has become suspicious of everything. I'm afraid of the time it takes, but is getting her back on 2.75 mg/day and testing in 2 or 3 weeks the right process, or should I ask for an increase in pergo now? If so, what dosage is appropriate?

I've asked the vet to confirm Blessing's weight from her visit, but I recorded 728 lbs on Aug. 14 when the blood sample was drawn. Dr. Kellon encouraged me to keep Blessing's weight near 850 lbs a year ago (and my vet agrees), so we're lagging there too. I will increase her hay to between 18 and 20 lbs. a day until we can get back near 850 lbs.

My vet recommends using 5 cc's of molasses to dissolve the compounded pergo powder, and syringing it into Blessing's mouth. I don't like this idea because of the sugar load, but I'll do it tonight to get the medicine into her. It would seem that dissolving in water would be okay. Is it? Should I ask my vet to request liquid pergo for the future, or is dissolving the powder at the time of feeding okay?

I'm installing an updated version of her case history now. Thank you for any help and reassurance you can offer.
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