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Tori & Floss

With the hundreds of products out there toting themselves as being safe for laminitic horses I was wondering if this one is?
This is the blurb....

Digestive EQ™ was developed in response to a need for a comprehensive affordable product that would improve both fore and hindgut and not cost you a fortune.

Digestive EQ™ has been designed to stabilise the pH of the digestive system avoiding damaging pH fluctuations which can stress the hindgut.

Digestive EQ™ supports fore and hindgut digestion as well as assisting with immune and inflammation challenges and damage caused by mycotoxins.

Digestive EQ™ is formulated to assist with:
Wound recovery
Stimulation of the horses innate immune response
Reduced systemic inflammation
Calmer behaviours and improved attitudes
Calcium retention & bone strength
Feed conversion
Nutrient uptake
Reducing risk of laminitis, colic and respiratory infections
Reduced lactic acid production
Recovery after exercise
Recovery and prevention of gastric and hindgut ulcers
Elimination of mycotoxins
Coat and hoof condition
Ability to cope with stress
Minimising the stress of travelling
Headshaking syndrome
Results from using Digestive EQ™ can be seen as quickly as 24 hrs (in the case of improvements from mycotoxins) with full effect being seen in 2-4 weeks.

The ingredients are:
Marine sourced Calcium. Lucerne leaf meal, mycotoxin eliminator, threonine, yeast derived prebiotic. digestive enzyme. glutamine.
Calcium 187.3g/kg
Magnesium 34.6 g/kg
Iodine 18.5g/kg

Recommend to feed 130g daily to 500kg horse.
Is this suitable for a recovered laminitic horse back in full work please?
Thanks so much.



December, 2016

Adelaide Australia

Case History  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Tori%20and%20Floss 





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