Re: Asking For Advice Regarding Getting "Back In The Saddle"


Hi Tanna! Thank you sooo much for your insights. Really helpful and it makes sense to me. I think I have been so focused on his feet and letting him dictate the pace once we do the 15 min. warmup i wasn't really thinking about the time etc. involved to strengthen his back. My saddle does conform to his back because it is gel etc., there is no saddle tree. The chiropractor did recommend a different girth - a StretchTec shoulder relief girth - I worked with the company to get the right fit for him and used it for the first time on our last ride - it worked like a charm - the saddle didn't slip or move. His blanket is custom-made for him and his "senior" status. I love to bareback ride and rode him that way the first winter (don't like to take a chance on sweating with saddle on). Now that he isn't acting crazy i would feel comfortable to do that again so will try it and your other suggestions. I'm going out tomorrow and will see how he is before considering riding on Saturday. Thanks!!!!!. 
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March 2018
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