Is Cushings inevitable?

Cindy Giovanetti

My fat boy has lost 5 inches from his girth since February, from 84 inches to 79 inches.  I would guess he still needs to lose two inches, though, to my eye, he no longer looks fat.

In February, he was tested and didn't have PPID.

But he still has these swellings at his girth.  In my memory, these have always been worse in the late summer.  I remember, in the past, thinking he's struggling with the heat; he does better when it cools off

Now that I'm more aware of EMS etc., I am aware that he's had these swellings (plus swollen sheath) since February.  The swellings haven't improved with the weight loss.  And I am aware of the seasonal rise.

I assume the swellings mean his insulin is still high.  But does it also mean he's likely to have Cushings (in the future, perhaps)? 

If he's "predestined" to PPID, can it be prevented with DDE+T, or is it inevitable, just a matter of time?

I will have all the tests rerun in the fall.

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