Re: Is Cushings inevitable?

Cindy Giovanetti

<<I looked at your CH for Oden, in June he was still out of normal range for insulin.>>


Yes, and based on the swellings, I assume he still is, and possibly worse.  I’ll retest in fall.


<<When you state swellings, do you mean fat pads?>>


I don’t know if it’s fat pads.  What I'm referring too at his girth, particularly on the right side.  It feels like loose skin, but puffy.


<< Can you take a couple of full side view photos of Oden and post in his album?>>


Done.  I circled the swelling in the picture of his right side.


<<We might be able to help you understand if he needs to lose more overall weight or simply wait on the fat pads to resorb.>>


I assume he needs to lose more weight because he still has that “apple butt” thing where his fat his higher than his spine over his hind quarters.  There’s a picture of this in his files.


<<Also, if you haven't reviewed his diet since the June insulin reading, that might be in order.>>


I think his CH is up to date.  He and Eeyore (miniature donkey) split 21 lbs divided into 7 meals a day.  Most of it is Timothy Balanced Cubes.  Small amount of soaked hay.  Scant handful of Stabul 1 here and there (as part of the 21 lbs.).  No grass. 

I can’t tell what percentage Oden gets vs. Eeyore, but Oden gets most of it, and both are losing weight. 

Happy for any further feedback.


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