Cindy Giovanetti

So my horse has lost 5 inches around his girth, but he's still fat.  I'm sure his insulin is still high, though he hasn't been tested since June, and won't be tested again for about six weeks.

Assuming his insulin is still high at the next test, I want to ask the vet for a Metformin prescription.  Two questions:

Do we wait until the horse plateaus before trying Metformin?  In other words, if he is still losing weight or if his glucose is dropping, is it best to continue without the Metformin?

I know the effects of Metformin are short term.  Dr. K recently said to test after three weeks.  If it lowers insulin, do we continue on the Metformin to keep the improvement, or do we discontinue after a short trial whether it works or not?  And if you discontinue the drug, can you anticipate keeping the improvement?
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