Re: Swollen Sheath- Dr. Kellon?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Chris,

What do you need to change in the titles?

To change labels: click on the photo in the album. When it opens, click on the blue EDIT button at the bottom left of the screen, under the picture.
In the new screen that opens, the picture will appear at the top. Underneath are two button to rotate the picture either clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Below that is a box labeled Owner.
Below that is the Name box, where you can type in whatever you want the picture to be called.
Below that is a large box Description. You can add text there about the picture, if you need to, We encourage you to keep that brief and discuss the it on the main group rather than beneath the photo itself.
At the bottom are two buttons - blue Update, for saving any changers you made on the page. Red Delete that will remove the picture permanently from the album.

Lavinia and George Too
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Jan 05, RI
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