Re: How Can I Balance the Need to Lose Weight with the Need to Graze?


I am lucky (in a weird way) that I had just retired when my horse had his first laminitis episode. I got help from another member who sent me to this group. Once I learned to test hays and create a safe diet for my guy I found it difficult FOR ME to restrict his diet. I hated reducing his hay intake. I felt miserable and guilty. OK, I found 1" hole hay nets, but he learned to empty them incredibly quickly. Then I bit the bullet and doubled the hay nets. That slowed down his hay eating. THEN, I found mini-hay nets. These are dinky little hay nets and I could put a little bit of hay in each net and I tied them in numerous places around my horses dry lot areas. Tough-1 makes a small, low cost Mini Hay bag. 

I also learned that hay nets can be placed down low, just about ground level as long as the draw string is secured well. 
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

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