Re: Love Sick Gelding With Spotty Appetite - Is That Normal?


Hi Dawn,

Thank you again for your thoughtful insights. I agree with you 100 percent especially after what i observed yesterday. I videotaped her aggression toward him (he was benign as a lamb, no squealing etc.) then went to the barn owners and explained what was happening. That's when they put her in the round pen. It was kind of a perfect storm yesterday. Our regular caregiver had the day off and the once-a-week people heard squealing and assumed it was both of them so he was shut up in his stall (a fact i was not happy about since i am paying extra for the paddock and that is the extent of his world). When i got there I took him out, groomed him, put his boots on and hand walked him...he was fine. Until I put him in his paddock and she began to act out immediately. I talked to the caregiver today. She is keeping them separated and today he finally ate and drank like normal (shew). Fortunately the filly is only temporary at the farm while she is started under saddle. A local trainer sometimes uses our farm to train horses that are not boarded here. There is no open stall for her which is why they are moving her about to different outside enclosures.  There are only 2 stalls with private paddocks. Relevante's and my neighbor who also has a mare that he cares nothing for. They have been closing her stall door and putting this filly in her paddock while she is in the field grazing. I don't feel I'm being unreasonable to in a positive manner let the barn owner know that the caregiver also feels they should be kept separated for his welfare. Your experience and guidance has helped me navigate this on behalf of my boy. If he hadn't begun eating normally today i was going to call the vet. He did have his teeth floated in August and his mouth/teeth were in great shape.
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