Re: Welcome Joy and Willie (aka FLS Boxcar Willie)

Joy V

Thanks so much Bonnie.  My 21 y.o. QH gelding just tested positive for PPID this month.  He is on Prascend (1 pill per day) and vet wants to re-test after the seasonal rise.  I have been working on my case file, but there are so many holes in it, it's taking me a bit of time.  I need to tape my horse to see what he weighs at this point.  I had started him on a "diet" prior to the testing.  He was also already on Cal Trace + b/c I can't test the hay at my barn.  Working on getting my own hay, but have to figure out where I can store it (my husband & I are renters). 

I hope to get everything on the site by the end of this month.

I have been reading and reading ECIR though for over a month now.  It's amazing all the information & I've learned so much.  I will work on getting my case file done.  I'm going to get pictures when my trimmer comes this month again.  

Thank you again!


Joy and Willie  
(aka FLS Boxcar Willie)

Nevada County, CA - 2019

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