Do some horses never regain their appetite after starting Prascend?


I just got a message from a riding school to which I had donated an insulin resistant Fjord mare.  She was around 13 when a donated her.  She is now 23, and they were planning on putting her down yesterday, and I imagine it was done.  I was told that she was never able to tolerate even 1, mg of Prascend without going completely off her food.  It appears they kept her going in an untreated state for a while (there are pictures of her on the website with long leg hair and a shaven body).  I was told that she had been to UC Davis Vet School in July for a bone infection that they had been "chasing" until January, and that she was in pain from laminitis "setting in."  There was not really much I felt I could do under the circumstances, but I am wondering if there really are horses that are simply unable to tolerate Prascend.  I have no idea what they did or did not try, and I am likely to get push back if I get too insistent.   It would be good to know if I should have said,  "Well, there is no such thing as a horse that cannot tolerate Prascend"  If so, I guess it might have been worthwhile to say, "Send her  to me, and I can fix a six month old bone infection, get her on  Prascend, and beat back the laminitis."  

She was a very, very sweet mare.  They once asked me if she had ever had any foals as they would purchase them if they were available.  I do not think they gave up on her easily, but  maybe the protocols worked out by ECIR would have helped a difficult case.  She apparently stopped eating all food.
Gail Russell 8/30/2008 .

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