Re: Princess diagnosed with hind-hoof laminitis night before last

Kate Triplett

Kathleen, best I can tell you is that is DOES work, and very effectively, on both horses and humans.

My husband had evil horrendous leg cramps for most of his adult life. After he began rubbing on the MAG oil (we make if from our own MAG Flake) the cramping essentially ceased - very rarely will he have a relapse, and that's if he "forgets" to do it a couple times a week. My own experience with splitting migraine due to my injured neck knotting up - and we are talking about a golf-ball knot right under the base of my skull - is that within half an hour of rubbing in the MAG solution to the affected area, the muscles let down and the pain subsides.

YMMV, but I know what works for us.
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