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Hello ECIR and Jaini Clougher.  
I am following up on my concerns for Julie's weight loss and intermittent laminitis. I read the articles recommended by Jaini and became suspicious of my mare having polycystic ovaries as I had been suspicious of low grade laminitis symptoms during these times..(.or just my imagination?) So I booked an appt with my vet and she had an ultrasound on Sept 21st. She had to lightly sedate my mare for the procedure but said her one ovary had a large follicle of 4.5cm diameter and the other may have had more than one. We discussed her heat cycles but I could not say if she was regular since it is hard to tell when she is in heat. I did see an obvious heat cycle lasting 5 days this past August where she urinated excessively and was interested in my gelding on other side of fence.  But for the most part, she doesn't show much or I am just not that observant. Whereas my senior pony screams, kicks fence, and goes off feed when in estrus.

My vet had not heard of laminitis secondary to estrus issues. We discussed spaying costs and risks  but that is not a route I want to take. She could not really say my mare had polycystic ovaries but only that she will ovulate soon. 

My vet did not think she was terribly skinny either. She agreed to a 4/9 on Henneke but not a 3. Her teeth were checked but were fine.(They were filed in March last.) She thought her feet looked better than in March but we took lateral front rads anyway. There is improved sole depth under the coffin bone and about 2/3rd good connection. Stated L front 6 degrr rot..tip of CB to hoof wall was 2.8cm and sole depth from tip was 1.2cm. The R front had 7 deg rot with 3.4cm from CB to front wall and depth under CB at tip was 1.9cm. I did add these pictures to Julie's history. 

Her bloodwork from Idexx came back frim Sept 8th blook draw at 2pm (fed her hay nets at 8am so had small at feed left)...
Total T4=1.9 (range 1.0-3.8ug/dL)
Endogenous ACTH=15 (9-35pg/mL) and had been on 2.5 pergolide since Sept 1st. 
Glucose=5.1 (4.2-6.4mmol/L)
Insulin=17.3 (4.5-20uIU/ml) lowest it has been since 2016!!     I:G ratio =25  Updated in Case Hx.
An equine blood panrl was done on the 21st also.  CBC normal. All chemistries normal except low total protein.  Fibrinogen normal. A gastroscope was not recommended. 
My vet suggested oil to increase calories but I haven't started that yet. I have increased her Total amount of daily hay to 22 lbs (non soaked) and I have been seeing an kmptoved appetite for her supplements. Still leaves some in bucket but eating over half.  I am slowly weaning the Thyroxine, now st 3/4 scoop and she gets powdered Iodine(brand: The Source). I have been sneaking in the Mad Barn Visceral and Amino Trace Plus at low amounts and she is eating them better this week. I need to find a powdered source of Vit E but she gets a Tbsp salt and 1/2 flax. 

I took a rasp to her toes this week as she was holding up R front on occasion since vet visit and I felt confident in that I would not take off too much with my radiographic measurements. I really thought it was time to try get them back more as I have always been concerned about being too aggressive  It has been 3 days and she is moving around better landing heel first and no more standing with toes down.

She is looking comfortable but maybe I will cut her back to 20 lbs daily hay again as I am super worried about a relapse.  Any more thoughts? 

Delli and Julie
BC, Canada

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