Re: PPID driving IR and fluid(?) behind eyes?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Thanks for the quick response Dr Kellon.  So the insulin, glucose, ACTH and leptin tests will be a complete waste of money?  If that's the case I will make sure the samples are not sent out on Monday, no point in spending 500$ for useless numbers.  What about the full blood panel?  Will the sedation have affected that, too?  I was so adamant that the blood be pulled before anything but unfortunately it was out of my control.   My vet doesn't think the sedation and procedures have any effect.

I may not be able to get him resampled now until next April/May when his vet returns to our area, unless a tech from the small animal clinic will do it.  The TRH stim test isn't a realistic possibility for us, I did discuss it with his vet but it was very expensive.

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