Re: Followup re: wt loss


Lorna she has become very good at finding the vit E capsules and spits them out. My original post a few weeks ago was about her poor appetite for all her minerals and supplements. She gets them in 1/2 lb of soaked soy hulls and 1 lb of soaked alf x timothy cubes. I had tried to increase my carrier over July and August and that didnt help. She had routinely left the vit E capsules and her pergolide capsule.  I was able to syringe in her pergolide but the vit E went into the garbage. 

She also was leaving pellets and some soaked grain in bottom of feeder so I thought it was the Amino Trace pellets causing her to be off her food. I went back to my original copper and zinc powders but she didn't like that either. I tried removing salt, then top dressing with HiPro Profiber FX crunches but again really did not matter.
I was suspicious of ulcers so this is why I posted. Thankfully she ate hay throughout all of this time but it was odd how she preferred the soaked hay. All summer i was trying to transition her from 100% soaked low sugar hay to 50% sosked hay as shd kept having recurrent laminitis spells. Currently I am not soaking her confirmed low sugar hay and she is not being so fussy about her grain mix...maybe I will be able to sneak in a few vit E caps.   It has been a struggle so I am happy she is showing interest again.  
Delli and Julie
BC, Canada

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