Re: 2nd try please. Plutón diagnosed PPID too

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Maria,

ACTH 142 pg/ml up to 53 this time of the year
Glucose 91 mg/100ml up to 110
Insulin 12.68 uU/ml up to 30

Sorry this somehow got missed.

With an ACTH of 142pg/ml, that is definitively positive for PPID at any time of the year.

At his age (29.5yo), this isn't a surprising reading at all. His last normal test was over 1.5 years ago (Feb 2018), after the seasonal rise period was over so you don't have any readings to compare to this one. If he wasn't exhibiting any serious issues before you had him tested, you could try titrating off the Prascend in late Dec then retesting in late Jan/early Feb so you can more easily compare the result to the last one in Feb 2018. Just watch for any negative changes when you reduce/stop the dose.

What is the dose of Prascend he is on (sorry, I didn't see that in the case history)?

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