Re: Wheat Germ - how much is OK in PPID?


Hello Dr. Kellon - thank you for your reply.  I am currently feeding Cowboy the Emergency Diet:

~ 1 Cup of Rinsed/Soaked/Rinsed Beet Pulp that is mixed with unsweetened apple sauce
   Vitamin E Powder, Magnesium Powder, Iodized Salt and Ground Flax Seed

I am currently adding 2 TBSP of Wheat Germ or else he won't eat it all.  He gets this exact ration 2x Daily.

Then he is getting a Hay Bag with hay that has been soaked for an hour and drained.  At night he is turned out in a mostly dirt paddock with a round bale.  I am in the process of purchasing a grazing muzzle at this time.

- Jennifer Haunschild
Sept 2019, Edmond, OK
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