Re: Sparky & Ike Hoof Xrays - Path Forward?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Julie,  

I have used Easy Care Comfort pads in boots (Equine Fusion All Terrain), the 12mm black ones (I believe they are the medium density? Although they feel quite firm to me but they do have a lot of weight to support).  The pads do seem to improve comfort, but equally as good they ensure all parts of the hoof are being stimulated including the frog when a horse is booted all the time.  I have found that they make the boots much tighter although eventually they become compressed and take up less space.  With booting my horse 22/7 for the last 3 months to treat/protect thin soles on his fronts, and treating thrush with regular soaks and 'Pete's goo' my horses front feet have never looked better.  His frogs are healthier than I have ever seen them!  His hooves are developing a nicer concavity that he did not have when I started booting him.  I believe the pads stimulating the bottoms of his hooves are the key to both healthy frogs and concavity when in boots.  I make sure the same pad goes back on the same hoof and that it's not twisted, and when they get really compressed or his hoof shape changes I cut out a fresh pad.

I have also found that the boots don't fit well if I don't trim every 2-3 weeks, especially when there's a 12mm pad in there too.  I definitely recommend doing some trimming yourself between farrier visits.  If your guys are like mine, 6 weeks allows so much hoof growth that it's removal can cause sensitivity.  A little bit removed every 2 weeks instead would probably help.  I used to think that my farrier was 'taking too much off' when Shaku was sore or sensitive on gravel after a 6-8 week I see it as 'I left too much on' before his trim, which set him up to be sensitive after a trim.

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