Re: How many PPID horses still rideable

Cheryl Oickle

My mare foundered in May 2018 and had a rough slow recovery period until December of that year. She is IR and Cushings. Lots of patience, good nutrition as recommended by Dr. Kellon, and appropriate trim and time are the recipe to recovery.  I began hand walking in January 2019 until March increasing time and distance, then ponied her a few times a week for early April until I rode her for the first time.
Fast forward to August 2019 and we are riding up to 100 miles a month, we climb mountains, and we go up to 5 hours at ride.  I pick my area of fast work and boot her on all 4 feet when footing is rocky as is most areas where I ride.
She is happier and more fit now than I have ever seen her. BTW she was never over weight when this journey started.
Hold on to hope, always


Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
Port Alberni BC Canada

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